MELCAYA at MPNEconsensus 2024 on Data, AI and data-dependent business models

MPNE consensus meeting2024 on AI and Data

Melanoma Patient Network Europe (MPNE) is proud to announce the AI, Data, and Data-Dependent Business Models workshop took place in Berlin between 31 January and 2 February 2024 at Fraunhofer & Heinrich Hertz  Institute. The meeting integrated the perspectives of European Melanoma Patient Advocates and collaborators who wanted to discuss their work with the cancer patient community, notably colleagues from iToBoS and MELCAYA, developing AI-based early detection tools in melanoma. The meeting benefited from the contribution of Philippe Page from the Human Colossus Foundation on Data Governance, Johanna Furuhjelm from TEF- Health and Marie-Laure Yaspo from Max Planck Institute for Molecular Genetics  and Alacris Theranostics on Genomic Data.


Our colleagues from  MELCAYALukas Heinlein and David Krauss from the German Cancer Institute presented their work within Work Package 5, Imaging and Machine Learning for Early Diagnosis and Risk Prediction in Pediatric Melanoma, highlighting the challenges of training AI models in rare cancers. Violeta Astratinei from MPNE and Melanoma Romania Association (AMER) introduced and facilitated the session relevant to Work Package 9, which is dedicated to patient engagement in research. The session was an excellent opportunity to collect the views and attitudes of melanoma patients’ advocates on AI and data in the context of melanoma prevention and diagnosis.


David Krauss, Violeta Astratinei and Lukas Heinlein, the Melcaya project

The iToBoS team  (Intelligent Total Body Scanner for Early Detection of Melanoma) included  Ariel Farkash from IBM on Data Security and Privacy, Sebastian Lapuschkin from Fraunhofer Institute on Explainable AI, Robin Renwick and Sarah Murray from Trilateral Research on the Ethics of AI, Lennart Jütte from the University of Hanover on Generative AI and Daniel Martinez from the communication team.

During the final part of the meeting, MPNE patient advocates formulated the first consensus statements based on the different sessions and topics. Consensus statements are currently integrated and compiled and will be circulated to the participants for review, revised and then shared with the wider MPNE community for feed-back. A document capturing the discussion and the final consensus statements is in preparation and will be made publicly available in due course.

Thanks to MPNE patient advocates Bettina Ryll, Andrew Evans, Kay Curtin, Rob White, Anne Wispler and Hans Walther, Gilliosa Spurrier,  Fredrik Östman and Violeta Astratinei and many others who put effort into the program, notably a memorable Pint of Science-inspired debate on Large Langue Models and the Oxford Debate and engaged into valuable discussions.

For Program and updates, please consult the MPNE  website.

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